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Medical Device Measurement - Heart Rate Meter

Market trend With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, wearable devices have come to you and me with the 5G communications. The world's major consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. have stepped into related fields. Low-power, high-performance electrical products are also constantly introduced, such as glasses, watches, electrical clothes ... and so on. In addition, health care is also using high-tech intelligent health monitoring, the most common methods are heart rate, blood pressure and pace monitoring.

Measuring challenge

For the manufacturers of wearable devices, the challenge is not only making advanced and practical devices to get the love of customers, but also how to minimize the size of wearable devices and keep them long time working. The key to have a long battery life is not only to enlarge the battery’s capacity, but more importantly is the wearable device can save power, which is the most critical problem that need to be settled in the product testing measurement -- the power measurement.

Ø  Power off, with very low leakage current, usually a few micro-amps (μA), or even a few hundred nano-amps (nA)

Ø  Standby, with standby current, usually tens of microamperes (μA)

Ø  Working, with working current, hundreds of milliamperes (mA), depending on the mode of operation and change.

The features of IT6400 series for testing wearable device

IT6400 high speed linear DC source provides bipolar output, the maximum output voltage of single channel can reach up to ± 60 V, and current up to ± 10 A. With multi-function and high-performance, IT6400 meets various test requirements. IT6412 is a dual-channel bipolar DC source. one set of IT6412 can finish the test of both mobile electronics and batteries.

Ø   Ultrafast transient response time < 20 μs

Ø   Ultrafast voltage rising time up to 150 μs (full load)

Ø   Read-back current resolution up to 1 nA

Ø   Ultra-small current ripple up to 2 μArms

Ø   Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)

Ø   Built-in DVM of high accuracy

Application: Heart rate tester

For wearable devices, in addition to product performance, the most important thing is the power consumption. The DUT is a heart rate tester module, which has a Bluetooth to monitor records timely. Using accurate voltage source IT6412 power supply and a high precision meter connected in series as a current measurement comparison.

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