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ITECH Helps Create a Smart Brain of Photovoltaic Power Plant - Application Example of IT7900P Series High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

At present, solar photovoltaic power generation has matured, and the cost has dropped rapidly. In the foreseeable future, the technology and economy of solar photovoltaic power generation will reach a level comparable to that of conventional energy, which will promote the development of energy transformation and transformation. At the same time, with the deep integration of Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies with the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic power stations will develop rapidly in the direction of digitalization, intelligence and informatization, and smart photovoltaic power stations will become the mainstream.

The smart energy management platform can realize the centralized operation and maintenance management of photovoltaic power plants through modern Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology, and create a smart brain of photovoltaic power plants. The smart energy management platform collects the data collected by the smart inverter and the power optimizer. Based on the big data analysis function, it can model and analyze the key data of the power station, support the power station operation inspection, failure, maintenance and other services, and realize the photovoltaic power station. Full lifecycle management.

ITECH test solution

ITECH provides professional products and solutions for the photovoltaic field, and can provide support for system simulation and core equipment testing of distributed photovoltaic and other power systems.

A client developed an intelligent micro-grid management platform, using SAS1000M solar cell matrix simulation software + IT-M3600 series regenerative source-loading system to simulate photovoltaic modules, and IT7900P regenerative grid simulator to simulate the grid. Test, manage and collect data for single optimizer and optimizer+inverter circuit.

Test one:

Smart optimizer DC conversion efficiency test & MPPT test

IT-M3600 series regenerative source-loading system is combined with SAS1000M software to form a solar photovoltaic simulator, which can set illumination and temperature parameters to realize photovoltaic IV curve output simulation, complete five standard and regulation tests such as EN50530, and complete shadow shading simulation of photovoltaic arrays.

The PV optimizer backend can use the DC Load mode of the IT7900P series grid simulator for CV load testing.

* Photovoltaic intelligent optimizer test schematic diagram *

The test results are as follows:

*Smart photovoltaic optimizer DC conversion efficiency*

*Smart photovoltaic optimizer P-V, I-V curve*

Test two:

Intelligent optimizer and intelligent inverter coordinated control test

SAS1000M multi-channel solar matrix simulation software connects and controls multiple photovoltaic simulation sources IT-M3600 series, respectively connects the intelligent photovoltaic optimizer, and outputs in series (analog string type) to the front end of the photovoltaic inverter, and finally the inverter converts direct current into alternating current Go to the IT7900P high-performance regenerative grid simulator for a series of grid-connected tests.

1.     Verify that when the photovoltaic simulation software controls the different output power of each photovoltaic simulator or even if there is a mismatch problem in any path, whether other panels can still output the maximum power to compensate for the loss of power generation caused by the mismatch problem.

*SAS1000M control interface*

2. Use the IT7900P power grid simulator to test the inverter efficiency, off-grid test, power grid anomaly test, island protection test, harmonic analysis and harmonic simulation. the

3. Based on the hardware system, the intelligent management platform needs to collect data from the optimizer + inverter, collect the working data of the photovoltaic panel through the Internet of Things, display the working status of the photovoltaic panel in real time, effectively monitor and warn, analyze the production capacity, and carry out intelligent failure analysis and more.

ITECH Testing Advantages

At present, the intelligent optimizer is developing towards high conversion efficiency, high communication reliability, high computing speed and high system response. The combination of IT-M3600 series regenerative source-loading system (adjustable rising and falling slope, fast dynamic response) + SAS1000 solar simulation software can well adapt to the fast response of the intelligent optimizer. The SAS1000 software can accurately simulate the I-V curve of the solar cell matrix, and has the characteristics of accurate measurement, high stability, and fast response speed. It has built-in a variety of regulatory models, and the user can simulate the I-V curve output with simple settings and generate reports that comply with regulations. , which can be used to test the static & dynamic maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic inverters.

IT7900P series high-performance regenerative power grid simulator provides users with a leading integrated test solution. It can be a high-power AC power supply, or it can be used as a power grid simulator and a full four-quadrant power amplifier. It is also a regenerative AC/ DC electronic load. Rich operation modes meet user's single-phase/three-phase/reverse-phase and multi-channel test requirements, providing high flexibility for testing.

In order to meet the anti-islanding effect certification test of grid-connected products, IT7900P series has developed a professional islanding test mode. Testers can realize the effect of simulating pure resistive or nonlinear grid load by adjusting RLC parameters or configuring active power and reactive power parameters, and further verify grid-connected DUTs in different equivalent impedances, three-phase load balance and unbalanced states Island protection response time under . This solution can help engineers simplify the test circuit and save equipment costs such as additional RLC loads and power meters.

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