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ITECH Vaccine Freezer Test Solution

In 2022, Omicron will spread around the world, and the new crown epidemic will enter another round of peaks. Injecting the new crown vaccine is still one of the most powerful means of protection. But vaccine production is not evenly distributed around the world, and many impoverished regions need international assistance to complete the vaccinations. As we all know, vaccines need to be stored in a low temperature environment. How to ensure qualified storage and transportation in remote areas with poor infrastructure, such as African countries, has become an important issue. Vaccine refrigerators are widely used in terminals as a portable and independent storage device.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of vaccine refrigeration box

The vaccine refrigeration box is composed of refrigeration equipment, power supply equipment, energy storage equipment, control equipment and other parts. The core of refrigeration equipment is the compressor, which is a driven fluid machine that raises low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas. The gas pipe discharges high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to provide power for the refrigeration cycle.
Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the compressor
In order to improve the reliability of power supply, vaccine refrigeration boxes generally adopt a variety of power supply methods, one is direct power supply from the grid, and the other is power supply through photovoltaic and energy storage when there is no stable mains power or during transportation.
When an international laboratory is developing vaccine supporting equipment, it uses ITECH products as vaccine refrigeration boxes for testing:
(1) Compressor power supply test
ITECH IT7800 series is a new generation of high-power programmable AC/DC power supply integrating powerful programming functions, brand-new touch interface and rich data waveform analysis capabilities. With high power density design, the power in 3U can reach 15kVA. Users can choose four output modes: single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase and multi-channel to simulate different test scenarios. It is widely used in new energy, rail transit, semiconductor and scientific research R & D, production, quality inspection stages in many fields such as colleges and universities.
Users can use the List mode to simulate the mains power reproduction function, realize the instantaneous power interruption simulation function, and test the power supply of the compressor.
a) Simulated mains power reproduction function: users can edit and simulate various power supply interference conditions through the IT7800 series panel or program control software;
b) Instantaneous power interruption simulation function: IT7800 series can also effectively simulate various power interruption situations.
(2) Test of compressor solar storage controller
The SAS1000 solar battery matrix simulation software launched by ITECH, together with IT6000C, IT-M3900CSAS and IT-M3600 high-speed high-performance DC power supply, can accurately simulate the I-V curve of the solar battery matrix, and has the characteristics of accurate measurement, high stability, and fast response speed. , built-in SAS models of EN50530, Sandia, NB/T32004, CGC/GF004, CGC/GF035, after users simply set test regulations, materials, Vmp, Pmp and other parameters, they can simulate I-V curve output and generate reports in compliance with regulations , used to test the static & dynamic maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic inverters.
(3) Simulation test of energy storage battery
BSS2000 series battery simulation software, together with ITECH high-speed high-performance bidirectional DC power supply IT6000B/IT6000C/IT-M3600/IT-M3400/IT-M3900, is a one-stop battery simulator for users from small-power battery modules to high-power energy storage batteries It has the characteristics of seamless switching, fast response and high feedback efficiency.
   In particular, the comprehensive simulation system composed of grid simulator, photovoltaic simulator, and battery simulator can truly reproduce the stable working ability of the vaccine refrigeration box under the condition of unstable mains power, and the battery life under the condition of independent solar storage power supply, which is better The control system of the refrigerated box is debugged to provide a reference for the effect of vaccine preservation.

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