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Fuel cell testing? Select IT-M3800

Hydrogen energy, as an important way of efficient and clean production and utilization of electric energy, is steadily advancing in my country, and its application scenarios continue to expand. In the "Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030" issued by the State Council, 11 items involve the field of hydrogen energy, which points out the way in many aspects such as transportation application, technological research and development and innovation. In 2021, hydrogen energy will grow rapidly in the field of commercial vehicles, especially heavy trucks, and more than 1,000 hydrogen energy vehicles will be demonstrated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, basically all of which are passenger vehicles, covering buses and group shuttles.

Hydrogen fuel cell is a kind of power generation equipment, and electronic load is a necessary test instrument to verify its power output capability. However, a single fuel cell cell can only generate a voltage of no more than 1V. For testing such low-voltage power generation equipment, most of the electronic loads on the market cannot meet the load requirements of low voltage and high current. Electronic loads have the internal resistance of the load itself, so there is a minimum operating voltage. The voltage of traditional electronic loads of 1V may only reach a current load capacity of tens of amps. If you want to achieve a large current test of hundreds or thousands of amps, The power may reach tens of kilowatts. And it has the disadvantages of large volume, high heat generation, waste of energy and so on.
ITECH's new IT-M3800 series regenerative DC electronic load can provide a new solution for fuel cell testing.
IT-M3800 series regenerative DC electronic load has 7 voltage levels from 10V, 32V to 1500V, which can meet the test requirements from battery cells to fuel cell stacks. The maximum single-unit current can reach 720A under 10V voltage, and the minimum operating voltage is only 0.6V. The minimum operating voltage for 32V models is 0.32V. At the same time, the power of a single machine is 1.2kW-12kW, which meets the power requirements of customers, and there is no need to purchase equipment with excessive capacity. When the user's product upgrade requires higher power and current, the patented simple master/slave parallel function can maintain performance while expanding power, and can achieve a load capacity of 4000A. IT-M3800 series also has 8 operating modes including CC/CV/CP/CW/CC+CV/CV+CR/CR+CC/CC+CV+CW+CR to simulate different load characteristics.
In addition to low-voltage high-current characteristics, IT-M3800 is also a very rare low-power regenerative electronic load on the market. In recent years, there has been a popular concept in the hydrogen energy industry called "green hydrogen", which refers to the use of renewable energy conversion to electrolyze water instead of chemical production to produce hydrogen. However, only water is discharged during the power generation process of fuel cells, so that the carbon emission of hydrogen energy from production to consumption is almost zero. Clean energy saving is the focus of the development of the hydrogen energy industry. However, as mentioned above, in the R&D and production of fuel cells and fuel cell engines, there will be a large number of power generation capacity tests. Common electronic loads are used to load the fuel cells, and all the generated electric energy will be dissipated as heat. The use of regenerative electronic loads to feed back the power generated by fuel cells to the power grid without pollution can reduce the carbon emissions of hydrogen energy companies in production and reduce electricity bills, which is in line with the current national promotion of "carbon peaking, carbon Neutralization" concept. The regenerative efficiency of ITECH regenerative electronic load series can be up to nearly 95%. All feedback processes are automatic and safe, equipped with an automatic grid detection system to detect phase voltage and frequency in real time for grid synchronization. The IT-M3800 series is aimed at kilowatt-level power requirements, making ITECH more complete in the regenerative load product line.
Relying on the structure of the regenerative electronic load, IT-M3800 can provide up to 6kW power in a 1U stand-alone unit, and up to 12kW power in a 2U stand-alone unit. The ultra-high power density also helps users save space, and is especially suitable for use in test benches. System integration on the above. Through the high-speed voltage and current sampling inside the load, the user can directly view the current electric energy parameters on the instrument panel, including the voltage, frequency and power of each phase. You can also view the total power, the current total feedback power and the historical total feedback power, and the energy-saving effect is clear at a glance. After restarting after a power failure, the IT-M3800 series can continue to accumulate power on the basis of the power before the last shutdown.
Programmable DC electronic loads are widely acclaimed in the industry. In addition to IT-M3800 new products, IT8900A/E high-power DC electronic loads, IT8800 high-speed and high-precision programmable DC electronic loads, IT8000 regenerative electronic loads and other series have been awarded in the field of fuel cells. Widely used, many industry leading enterprises and scientific research institutes use ITECH electronic load to complete the latest technology fuel cell cell to vehicle experiment. ITECH DC electronic load can cover test requirements with a voltage up to 2250V and a power up to 1152kW. For more information, please visit ITECH official website

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