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IT-M3900 Web control function realizes bidirectional DC-DC module online test case

It has been three years since the COVID-19 epidemic, and working from home has become the norm for many engineers and scientific research scholars. The software simulation part can be carried out with a computer, but the high-performance test bench cannot be copied home. So when it is necessary to do hardware verification testing, is there a way to expand the connection between engineers and equipment, remotely operate testing equipment, and realize the seamless connection between online and offline work?

Using the web control function has become a common choice for ITECH's high-end test instruments. The instrument provides a built-in web server so you can monitor the instrument directly from a computer's web browser or even a mobile phone or tablet. Compared with IT9000 series, which is ITECH’s free upper computer software, the web control function can support simultaneous access by multiple computers in the local area network, and simultaneously display the real-time status of the instrument, which is more flexible and suitable for teaching or team collaboration scenarios.
Today I will introduce to you how to complete the test by controlling the ITECH machine in the LAN through the Web function.
A power supply user needs to test the electrical performance and protection function of its bidirectional DC-DC module, hoping to remotely start, set the load of the test power supply, read the test data, and minimize the work of on-site wiring.
Test method: Use two IT-M3906B-80-120 to connect to the 50V high-voltage end and 20V low-voltage end of the bidirectional DC-DC module of the object under test respectively, through the characteristics of the bidirectional source-loading system integrated machine, realize without changing the wiring Two-way test.

Testing process:
1. Communication Settings
Change the settings of the two IT-M3906Bs to use the network port communication mode, set the network port parameters to be in the same network segment as the computer on duty (as shown in Figure 2, ping can pass), and then enter the machine IP address in the browser to enter the control interface (as shown in Figure 3).

2. Test parameter setting
After the device enters the Web control mode, since the IT-M3900B has a one-key switching source load function, you can first set the IT-M3906B on the high voltage side to the source mode, the output voltage is set to 50V, and the current limit is set to 30A. Test the performance of the high-voltage end input and low-voltage end output of the DUT:
1. Static test: IT-M3906B at the low-voltage end is set to load mode, using CC load mode, and the load current is 10A.
Figure 4 10A static waveform
2. Dynamic test: IT-M3906B on the low-voltage end uses the LIST function to edit 0-10A, frequency 500HZ, and duty cycle 50% dynamic.

The second is the IT-M3906B at the low-voltage end as the source, and the IT-M3906B device at the low-voltage end sets the output voltage to 25V and the current limit to 30A:
1. Static test: The IT-M3906B device at the high voltage end is in load mode, and the CC load mode is set to 20A
2. Dynamic test: IT-M3906B on the high voltage end uses the LIST function to edit 0-20A, frequency 500HZ, and duty cycle 50% dynamic.
It can be seen that two IT-M3900Bs have successfully completed the two-way test project.
Test summary: IT-M3906B series can control all communication test equipment in the domain network through a computer through the Web function, and the interface is simple and clear. IT-M3900 series is a collection of four series of products including DC power supply, bidirectional power supply, source load system and regenerative load. It continues the high power density design of the M series. The power can reach up to 6kW and the current can reach 510A in a 1U volume. The voltage can reach 1500V, which can effectively reduce the space occupied by the equipment and the time for putting on the cabinet. The B-series source-loading system has a bidirectional power supply function with seamless switching in the source mode, and a pure load interface and performance with 8 working modes in the load mode. A wide range of models can meet different testing needs, and with multi-functional, high energy-saving, high-safety, and high-stability product designs, customers can confidently face various complex tests and quickly improve product competitiveness.
In addition to the IT-M3900 series, the ITECH product line also includes the IT6000B/C/D high-power source load system series, the IT8000 high-power regenerative electronic load series, and the IT-M31/32/33/34/36 series. , IT6500C/D DC power supply series, IT6300C three-channel power supply and other equipment that can use LAN communication can be widely used in power supply, battery, new energy, semiconductor, motor and other industries. For more information, please log on to ITECH official website

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