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Five advanced features of IT9100 power meter, have you used them?

"Charging for 5 minutes, talking for two hours" is known to almost everyone, but how does the voltage and current of the battery of the mobile phone change within five minutes of charging the mobile phone, and how much electricity is charged to the battery within five minutes? Smart home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, what is the current change and power consumption in different function modes and when they are in standby? These questions actually just use a power meter will allow us to see the process and results clearly!

Advanced Features of IT9100 Power Meter

The IT9100 power analyzer actually does much more than test voltage, current, power, power factor and other basic parameters. It also includes harmonic analysis (can analyze 50th harmonic histogram and table), waveform display, data logging, integration function (for calculating power consumption), inrush current test, data logging, external sensors and multiple synchronization functions. However, most customers often fail to use these functions when using power meters. Next, let’s take a look at these advanced functions.

1. Harmonic analysis

Many people know that power meters have a harmonic function, but this function is not widely used because some international brands of power meters offer it as an option and charge extra for it. The harmonics of ITECH IT9100 power meter can be analyzed up to 50 times with a bandwidth of 100 kHz, which can accurately test the high frequency components of the waveform and draw a harmonic histogram or list through the machine interface or PC software, and the results are shown in the figure below.

2. Waveform display

The interface of many brands of power meters is often a digital tube, which cannot directly display the waveform, and sometimes requires the help of the PC software to realize the waveform display. However, the 4.3-inch color LCD screen of the ITECH IT9100 power meter can display the real-time waveform of the test signal without the help of PC software, which is very convenient.

3. Connect external sensors to expand the test range

The IT9100 series power meter can extend its current measurement range to 50 A using an external sensor. external current sensors can be connected to the power meter current sensor input connector to measure current. More current ranges can be achieved by setting the corresponding display scale according to the user's desired current grade. For detailed operation, please refer to the operation video2 on ITECH website.

When customers need to test higher than 1000V and greater than 50A, they can choose external voltage transformer (VT) and current transformer (CT).

4. Data recording

As a measurement instrument, the IT9100 power analyzer needs to be able to record its measurement results and be able to record for a long time. There are two ways to achieve data recording: one is to save the data in real time to the USB flash drive inserted on the power meter, and then copy it to the PC for secondary analysis; the other way is to synchronize the data of the power meter to the PC for storage in real time through the built-in LAN, USB or RS232 communication interface, which can be used for real-time analysis or offline analysis after the storage is finished.

5. Integral measurement

Many power meters have integration functions, but in the integration mode only power measurement is allowed under the same range, which cannot satisfy the correct measurement of the power of variable frequency household appliances. ITECH IT9100 series can realize automatic range switching according to the signal size, and with the help of the PC software, you can also understand the changes of various data during the test process and analyze the recorded data, which perfectly solves the problem mentioned at the beginning of the article.

With so many advanced features, the IT9100 power meter is very useful whether you are testing energy regulations or testing the power conversion performance of products, and has a wide range of customers in the photovoltaic power industry, automotive motor industry, home appliance industry, industrial automation and aerospace.

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