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ITECH accurately unlocks the new energy fuse test for you

In the new energy industry, the output of batteries and photovoltaic solar panels is DC, and the energy storage and power generation systems composed of them have a high proportion of DC power supply systems.

Fuses are widely used in the field of new energy as the basic protection device to cut off the circuit in the case of overload/short circuit. According to the needs of photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicles and other industries, different specifications and models have been produced, and they need to adapt to different industries. condition.

In the ISO8820-1-2014 Road Vehicles - Fuses Part I: Definition and General Test Requirements, for example, the fuse is tested for on-state voltage drop, fusing time, transient current cycle and breaking capacity. The test circuit of the fuse is built with a DC power load, and if the fuse is used in the power circuit part of the manufacturer also requires more complex simulation of automotive conditions. This requires test equipment with high current, high-speed characteristics.

ITECH test solution

ITECH provides high-performance high-power DC power supply, DC electronic load products and ITS9500 fuse durability test system to meet customer test requirements.

IT6000D high-power programmable DC power supply has an automatic range output feature, which can provide a wider range of voltage and current combinations within the entire power range, with flexibility. The current range is up to 8000A and the voltage range is up to 2250V, which can meet the high current testing requirements of fuses. At the same time, the power supply provides a variety of standard communication interfaces to simplify and speed up test development; the compact 3U design effectively saves rack space. If higher output power is required, multiple devices of the same specification can be easily connected in parallel to build a power system with a total power of up to 2MW.

IT8900A/E series high-power DC electronic loads have three voltage ranges of 150V/600V/1200V, and the single-unit power ranges from 2kW to 54kW. At the same time, it has a wide range of voltage and current, and the current of a single cabinet can reach 2400A. Through master-slave parallel connection, the power can be expanded to 600kW. High power density, 6kW only 4u height. Up to 8 working modes, dynamic response speed up to 30kHz and ultra-fast current rise and fall speed. Built-in CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 and analog interfaces, etc., and has a variety of protection functions, widely used in the discharge of power batteries, DC charging piles, on-board chargers (obc), fuel cell stacks, power electronics and others Test use of power electronic products.

ITS9500 fuse durability test system relies on ITECH's software and hardware research and development capabilities, adopts a graphical test interface, is easy to operate, and has good scalability.

1.Integrate regulatory test items to simplify test setup

2.User permission setting function to prevent misoperation by unauthorized testers

3.The public parameters of the test items are filled in as global variables, saving test time

4.Multiple tests can be combined into one test program and run continuously

5.The test data is saved as a test report, and the report format can be customized by the user

6.Test data is classified by test items for easy search

ITECH has a wealth of solutions in the field of new energy vehicles. For more information, please visit ITECH's official website

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