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Does your electronic load support one device with multiple functions?

Traditional power supply testing requires engineers to manually set the parameters of the DC electronic load for pull-load testing, manually record the output parameters of the power supply under different load conditions, and then the operator to judge whether the power supply is qualified according to the standard, which is extremely inefficient and seriously affects the engineer's test verification and product delivery cycle. Moreover, when the traditional electronic load measures the ripple of the switching power supply, it is necessary to use an oscilloscope and a current probe together, which is not only expensive, but also extremely complicated to connect.

60-channel ATE integration solution for traditional electronic loads

Traditional solution: achievef 60-channel load program control, 9 additional switches need to be expanded, and the cost is high.
IT8500G+ Upgraded Programmable Electronic Load
Get rid of the trouble of testing for you,
reduce the cost of testing,
It's that simple!

Auto Test Edit Mode
It only needs four steps of editing, storing, recalling and running to complete the automatic test. There is also a completely locked key to prevent accidental touch. One key can trigger the automatic test
Multi-Channel and Ripple Measurement Capabilities
Program control of hundreds of channels can be easily realized without additional oscilloscopes and too many communication interface, improving efficiency and reducing costs for enterprises

IT8500G+ 60-channel ATE integration solution

IT8500G+ solution: realize 60-channel load program control, only need 1 switch, save 8 switches, reduce cost, match with multi-channel commands, shorten the total communication time, and improve system efficiency.

Upgraded IT8500G+ solution

The upgraded version of IT8500G+ programmable DC electronic load bandwidth is increased to 300KHZ, with built-in ripple measurement. With the remote sense function, the user can directly read the voltage and current ripple values through the panel to save costs, and the wiring is simple.

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