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Can low-power testing be done with just one device?

With the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the improvement of the design level, the integration degree of the chip and the amount of computing data increases significantly, which leads to a sharp increase in the power consumption of the chip.

Therefore, chips need to be designed and tested for low power consumption. Similarly some of the electronic products in life, such as IOT devices and portable battery-powered products, must also be tested for low power consumption in order to ensure a longer working condition.

Features of low-power testing

*Static current is getting lower and lower, uA dormant current, even nA class leakage current

*Complex signal, dynamic current changes in a wide range of microampere (uA) dormant current to hundreds of mA or even several A emission current

*Narrow current pulse widths, typically in the hundreds of microseconds to milliseconds

*Requiring high sampling rates and long continuous measurements

Low power consumption test solution

Traditional program 1: high-performance power supply + digital multimeter

This is mainly because the low-power test is often fast dynamic characteristics, the need for high precision power supply, fast response speed; in addition, the power supply itself is slower to read back, in order to avoid missing the current mutation, often need to cooperate with the digital multimeter for data acquisition.

Traditional program two: power meter + high-precision source measure unit

With the power meter to analyze the data instead of digital multimeter function, the price of both is very high, and sometimes need to cooperate with the charge software to complete the test.

ITECH solution

One IT2800 source measure unit can complete the three tasks of power supply, data collection and analysis, which is extremely cost-effective and simplifies test wiring. IT2800 has a resolution of up to 10fA/100nV, a high-speed sampling rate of 10us, and three graphic display modes: Graph view, Scope view and Record view. In the Record view mode, in addition to the basic settings of data collection, we can also edit the formulas of the collected items. At the same time, each collected data can directly display parameters such as the maximum value and average value.

Customer cases

Test background: a customer on the sensor module for low-power test, needs to integrate automatic test system. After the sensor module is powered on, the Bluetooth chip controls the antenna to send out signals every 90 seconds, and the average current is less than 3uA during the weekly period as a qualified product.

Customer requirements: the power supply has nA-level accuracy or higher, fast dynamic response speed, and supports data readback above 1kHz. The left of the following figure shows the test scene of the customer, and the right of the following figure shows the current condition diagram of the object to be measured drawn by the IT2805 source meter with a sampling rate of 1kHz and a sampling depth of 10uS to collect data.

The Record view function of IT2800 series high precision source measure unit can directly display the waveform changes of voltage, current and other parameters while recording data, and give the maximum value, minimum value, average value and other parameters of the data in the time period. ITECH provides corresponding programming manuals, which is convenient for customers to carry out system integration and secondary development. In addition, the supporting PV2800 free upper computer control software can capture the voltage and current data during high-speed operation, and plot these data into an easy-to-observe curve, which is more conducive to the operation of R & D and testing personnel. The following figure shows the scanning and measuring interface of IT2800.

The IT2800 Series are compact and cost-effective bench-top Source Measure Units (SMUs) with the capability to source and measure both voltage and current, combing the capabilities of six devices in one: Voltage Source, Current Source, 6 ½ Digital Multimeter (DCV, DCI, ohms), Battery Simulator, electronic load and Pulse Generator. These capabilities make the IT2800 Series ideal for a wide variety of IV (current versus voltage) measurement tasks that require both high resolution and accuracy.

With a current range of 10fA to 10A and a voltage range of 100nV to 1000V, the IT2800 series SMU has capabilities that allow it to perform more than just simple DC and pulsed measurements to prevent errors in measurement results due to the device's own heating. In addition, the IT2800 series SMUs are equipped with high-speed, reliable fiber optic parallel mode, which enables them to work stably and reliably among multiple SMUs and exchange large amounts of data to fulfill a wide variety of test requirements. Excellent Front Panel GUI with 5 inch touch display supports various view modes, to help engineers significantly improve the efficiency of testing. The IT2800 series is suitable for a variety of test applications: discrete semiconductor devices, passive devices, transient suppression devices, laser diodes, TVS, varistors, etc.

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