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Abandon Traditional Constraints/Build High Efficiency Test System!

ITECH ATE power supply is officially launched, bringing unprecedented freedom and flexibility to your test system! No longer constrained by traditional panel design, let us break the constraints and build a smarter and more flexible test system together.

**Newly launched**

Added 1U ATE model to the original series
IT7800 High Power Programmable AC Power Supply
IT7900 Regenerative Grid Simulator

IT8200 Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

**Compact design**
Maximize space utilization and provide more testing options and construction layouts in limited space, making the testing system more efficient!

**Performance unchanged**
It gets rid of the traditional layout restrictions, but the performance and functions are not reduced. The high-performance and multi-functional product features provide a faster and more accurate testing basis for the test system.

**Cost savings**
ATE models are lighter and more streamlined. Without sacrificing performance, it saves money and enables more flexible test system configurations for a better price/performance ratio.

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