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Are you looking for a tiny and mighty dc power supply?

We are pleased to recommend to you ITECH IT-M3100, a programmable DC power supply that is very popular at home and abroad.

That is very popular at home and abroad. The latest model 1500W has eye-catching features: settable voltage and current slope, adjustable CC/CV priority, and the introduction of constant power CP limit function, which is especially suitable for application scenarios that require precise power control.

Despite its powerful performance, it is half the size of a standard rack, making it suitable for placement on a desktop or stacking in a rack for remote control. In addition, IT-M3100 series supports up to 256 channels of synchronized control, providing even more flexibility for your application.

IT-M3100 DC power supply has been used in automotive electronics, semiconductor processing and aging test, aerospace and satellite test, laser diodes, heaters, RF amplifiers and magnets, water purification, medical imaging and therapy systems, 3D printing, RF communications, electrolytic hydrogen production, and many other applications. 

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