Providing Testing Solution for Next Generation Sustainable Energy Tech

  • Highly Recommended! High Power DC Power Supply with Built-in Automotive Test Waveforms

    New energy vehicle sales continued to grow strongly in 2023, a year in which major automakers not only made significant breakthroughs in powertrain and battery technology, but also explored in-depth intelligence and internet connectivity.

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  • Test solutions for avionics field

    There is always a contradiction between the power supply system and the power-using equipment: the power-using equipment requires uninterrupted, transient-free, pure sine-wave AC power supply and pulsation-free, transient-free DC power supply; while the power supply system expects the power-using equipment to be a constant load, which should not result in voltage waveform distortion due to the fluctuation of the load. For ordinary small appliances, even if they stop working under the influence of fluctuations in the power supply system, it will not cause too much damage. However, for public transportation such as airplanes and ships, the stability of the electrical system should not be taken lightly.

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  • With the accelerated development of Mini-LED technology, ITECH high-precision power supply can still be used like this......

    Guide Autonomous driving technology makes the central control display become the core interaction point of the vehicle, and the driver can almost complete all operations except vehicle driving through a single display. Since 2022, a number of cars equipped with Mini-LED screens have been released, including NIO ET7 and ES series, Cadillac LYRIQ, Ideal L9, etc. Benefiting from Chinese and American automakers, the shipment of Mini-LED displays for vehicles will be about 140,000 pieces in 2022. It is expected that Mini-LED displays will explode in the field of automotive displays in 2023, and the shipment volume is expected to reach 450,000 pieces. As Mini-LED displays have gradually matured, it is expected that more car manufacturers will adopt Mini-LED backlight displays in 2024, and the shipment volume is expected to reach nearly 1 million units.

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  • ITECH accurately unlocks the new energy fuse test for you

    In the new energy industry, the output of batteries and photovoltaic solar panels is DC, and the energy storage and power generation systems composed of them have a high proportion of DC power supply systems.

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