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The new bi-directional vehicle charging again stand the wind, kA level high current bi-directional power supply ready to answer the battle.

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the testing requirements for equipment carrying high-current circuits such as high-current cables, fuses, and contactors are becoming more and more stringent.

Take the new energy vehicle charging circuit as an example:

V2G mode: Realize the interaction between electric vehicles and the grid, so that when the load on the grid is low, it absorbs electric energy; when the load on the grid is high, it releases electric energy.

V2H mode: Electric vehicles interact with residential/commercial buildings, and when there is a power outage, electric vehicles serve as emergency power supplies to power important equipment.


Bidirectional high current test requirements:

The two-way charging pile (fast charging) can convert the 380V AC power of the grid into DC power, and quickly charge the power battery in the new energy vehicle. It can also convert the electric power of the power battery in the new energy vehicle into three-phase 380V AC power to supplement the power grid or use it as an emergency power supply.

The principle of two-way OBC (slow charging) is similar to that of fast charging, but the power is generally 3.3KW--22KW. Generally, AC single-phase 220V is converted into high-voltage DC to charge the battery pack, or the high-voltage power of the battery pack is converted into AC. Single-phase 220V use.

The bidirectional flow of current means that the traditional unidirectional current test is insufficient. How to solve it?

ITECH test example:

ITECH has bidirectional DC power supply products such as IT6000C/IT-M3900C/IT-M3400 covering full power requirements, and full four-quadrant AC power supply products such as IT7900P/IT7900 can meet related requirements.

Taking the requirements of an auto parts customer as an example, use the IT-M3900C bidirectional DC power supply to perform a bidirectional pull test, and use the custom waveform function to simulate complex working conditions. Users can easily import custom waveforms and save test data by using a U disk.

The actual 2 sets of IT-M3910C-10-1020 pair pull simulation test waveform:

Test advantages of IT-M3900C series bidirectional dc source

1.Lower test voltage 0-10V, low voltage means that the power can be reduced while achieving high current, which greatly saves the cost of test equipment;

2.Under rated power, higher output current (voltage 0 ~ 10V, current -720A ~ 1020A, power -7200W ~ 10200W), and supports master-slave parallel connection to easily obtain kA level current;

3.Higher current change speed, full-scale current change time of 5ms, easy to achieve more working condition waveforms;

4.The built-in working condition simulation function can directly import CSV files to easily simulate million-point complex waveforms;

5.Bi-directional design, which can automatically absorb the reverse energy generated at the load end and convert it into alternating current and feed it back to the grid for repeated use;

6.The design of small size and high power density greatly saves the test space, and also makes the system integration and installation design easier.

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