ITECH provides comprehensive solutions which are suited for
various applications in areas such as packaged IC......

Are you looking for satellite power array simulator?

ITECH IT-N2100 series solar array simulator is a high performance DC power supply with fast change of IV curve, and can easily simulate the series-parallel connection of dozens of sail panel cells, which has been successfully landed on international civil satellites.

IT-N2100 series solar array simulator supports multi-channel PC software to simulate IV output of sail panels under orbital rotation, spin, solar eclipse and extreme temperature. IT-N2100 solar array simulator has low ripple, low noise and fast MPPT, built-in anti-reverse connection protection, supports multi-channel synchronous control and high voltage topology (<1500V).

Under AC load mode, IT7900P Regenerative Grid Simulator provides List function that allows different voltage and current steps to be programmed, each with a different voltage and current phase difference. In this way, users can easily switch between positive and negative power and test the performance of the device under different load conditions.

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