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ITECH Battery Simulator for Electric Vehicle Motor Inverter Testing

In new energy vehicles, the motor and power battery are undoubtedly key components, but there is another key device that is easily overlooked - the inverter. Whether it's in models equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors or three-phase asynchronous motors, the inverter exists as a key component. The reason why the inverter is so important is that the power battery outputs DC power, which must be converted when supplying power to the AC motor.

The power motor inverter provides the required AC power for the drive motor, which converts the DC power from the high voltage battery into AC power within the power electronic controller using power device switching circuits. The energy transfer process of the power motor includes: DC energy from the energy storage system, which is converted to AC power under the power control system's power control to provide to the motor unit, and the rotor inside the motor unit rotates under the action of the magnetic field generated by the AC power, thus converting the electrical energy into mechanical power.

Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of high-voltage system for new energy vehicles

Inverter is a practical technology based on a variety of scientific foundations, in addition to electric motors are also commonly used in vehicle power supply, to provide support for the application of high-power appliances in mobile travel. In addition, it is also used across a wide range of social and lifestyle areas such as home appliances, power tools, and digital products.

For motor inverters, how can they be tested efficiently?

ITECH is always committed to providing a full range of test solutions for the new energy industry. The high-performance IT6000C series bi-directional DC power supply with bi-directional energy transfer can simulate power batteries for testing and verify the performance of motor inverters.

I.              Battery simulation test

For the simulation of high voltage batteries, the IT6000C series power supply can provide voltage levels up to 2250V. A customer selected the 1500V model and built a 324kW system for testing as shown below:

Figure 2 IT6000C test site

Conventional power supplies and loads have short jumps and discontinuities in between when switching between positive and negative currents. the IT6000C series, as a standard high speed bi-directional power supply is capable of high speed switching between source and load current modes, resulting in fast continuous and seamless switching between output and absorption currents, effectively avoiding voltage or current overshoot.

Figure 3 Bidirectional power supply operating interval

II.             BSS2000 Battery Simulator Software

In addition, in order to better simulate the characteristics of power battery, IT6000C can also be equipped with BSS2000 series battery simulation software. The software has a rich library of battery characteristic curves and provides customized curves and other functions, which provide engineers with solutions to the problems of low efficiency, high cost and complicated wiring under the use of real battery test mode.

Fig. 4 BSS2000 battery simulation software interface

BSS2000 series software provides users with a rich library of battery characteristic curves, users only need to select the corresponding battery type, configure the basic capacity and protection parameters, you can quickly generate the corresponding type of battery characteristic curves.BSS2000 basic version of the software provides lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, BSS2000 Pro and BSS2000M software provides up to 8 battery types curves. BSS2000 Pro and BSS2000M software provide up to 8 types of battery curves, namely lithium battery, lead-acid battery, lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary, lithium manganate, lithium titanate, lithium nickel cobalt manganate and nickel-metal hydride battery.

Fig. 5 Battery simulator model interface

Users can also customize the battery characteristic curve, engineers can be based on the measured battery curve information, import the data into the software, and simulation. This function can assist engineers to realize the simulation of the characteristic curve of various types of batteries under different ambient temperatures and discharge depths.

The IT6000C series is a high-speed, high-performance, bi-directional programmable DC power supply that not only absorbs power but also returns consumed energy cleanly to the grid, with standard dual-quadrant functionality. The IT6000C is available in voltages up to 2250 V, and utilizes a master-slave mode to support parallel connection, active equalization of currents, and power scalability of up to 2 MW. The IT6000C series is also equipped with high-reliability setup and protection features, and a wealth of measurement functions that make it widely used in automotive electronics, green energy, high-speed testing, and high-power testing. The IT6000C series is a feature-rich, high-performance and widely applicable DC power supply for a wide range of applications including automotive electronics, green energy, high-speed testing, and high-power testing.

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