Providing Testing Solution for Next Generation Sustainable Energy Tech

  • Are you looking for a tiny and mighty dc power supply?

    We are pleased to recommend to you ITECH IT-M3100, a programmable DC power supply that is very popular at home and abroad.

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  • IT7800 AC constant current source function for current sensor testing

    Most of the AC power supplies on the market are AC constant voltage sources, in some specific test scenarios, such as for current sensors, current transformers, wiring harnesses, connectors, circuit breakers, low-voltage appliances and other products will need to use the AC constant current source, AC constant current source can be set according to the value of the current and the frequency of a certain voltage range within the output in order to verify the accuracy of the current or current-carrying capacity.

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  • High efficiency and high performance test solution for aging ATE system

    To achieve an efficient and large-scale automated production mode in the manufacturing industry, a reliable, stable and efficient ATE test system needs to be used on the production line. Among them, the burn-in test system is a very common type of ATE in the electronics industry. Whether it is a component, a component, a whole machine or an equipment, aging test is required. On the one hand, it can predict the life of the product, and at the same time, it can also promote the early exposure of various potential defects hidden in the product, so as to achieve the purpose of early rejection of failed products.

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  • Application of ITECH IT7800 series in wind power industry

    To mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the United Nations and relevant countries held a summit on climate ambition via video on December 12. At the summit, China put forward the following proposals: "By 2030, China’s carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will drop by more than 65% compared to 2005, non-fossil energy will account for about 25% of primary energy consumption, and forest storage will increase by 6 billion cubic meters from 2005, and the total installed capacity of wind power and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts."

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  • Abandon Traditional Constraints/Build High Efficiency Test System!

    ITECH ATE power supply is officially launched, bringing unprecedented freedom and flexibility to your test system! No longer constrained by traditional panel design, let us break the constraints and build a smarter and more flexible test system together.

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  • Five advanced features of IT9100 power meter, have you used them?

    "Charging for 5 minutes, talking for two hours" is known to almost everyone, but how does the voltage and current of the battery of the mobile phone change within five minutes of charging the mobile phone, and how much electricity is charged to the battery within five minutes? Smart home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, what is the current change and power consumption in different function modes and when they are in standby? These questions actually just use a power meter will allow us to see the process and results clearly!

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