Providing Testing Solution for Next Generation Sustainable Energy Tech

  • how to improve the power generation efficiency of PV systems by utilizing microinverters and power optimizers?

    Solar power systems rely on solar panels to generate electricity, however the inverter is what converts this DC power into usable AC power. The traditional way of generating electricity is to connect the solar panels directly in series, and then connect them to a string inverter, which is connected to the power grid for use by other devices.

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  • Choose the right equipment, you can easily complete the simulation of photovoltaic multi-peak characteristic curves!

    At present, the global photovoltaic industry is still in full swing. Technological advancements such as improving power generation efficiency and reducing power generation costs have become new industry drivers and development directions. The study of photovoltaic output characteristics under complex conditions plays a decisive role in improving power generation efficiency.

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  • IT7800 high power programmable AC/DC source completes grid connection performance test of dynamic reactive power compensation device in wind farm

    【Abstract】 The equipment capacity of wind farms has expanded dramatically as the scale of wind farm construction in China has increased, and the impact on the power grid has become increasingly serious. SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device plays an important role in meeting reactive power, harmonic control, improving power factor and power quality, reducing loss, adjusting voltage and so on.

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  • Everything can be in the ring

    Q: What is hardware-in-the-loop simulation? Hardware-in-the-Loop, also known as hardware-in-the-loop simulation, is a simulation system that puts part of the system hardware to be tested into the simulation loop.

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  • ITECH Helps Create a Smart Brain of Photovoltaic Power Plant - Application Example of IT7900P Series High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

    At present, solar photovoltaic power generation has matured, and the cost has dropped rapidly. In the foreseeable future, the technology and economy of solar photovoltaic power generation will reach a level comparable to that of conventional energy, which will promote the development of energy transformation and transformation. At the same time, with the deep integration of Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies with the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic power stations will develop rapidly in the direction of digitalization, intelligence and informatization, and smart photovoltaic power stations will become the mainstream.

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  • How to Test the Photovoltaic Inverter Using Solar Array Simulator

    In the past few years, due to the large demands of solar energy, photovoltaic industry has embraced high speed development in China. However, it has presented slow increasing after booming at the very beginning with less and less demands. After the ‘5.31 new policy’ has been enforced, it’s urgent to alleviate the influences of decreased demands in a short time. So enterprises should work out how to obtain technology breakthrough or reduce costs. ITECH always devotes to explore test technology in applications of photovoltaic industry. We work with photovoltaic corporations and help them to become stronger, more precise and finally reach up to top level. Lately, ITECH will bring to market new product series, IT6000B/C/D with high performance, high voltage, high power density. You’ll find in this article how they are well applied to the test of photovoltaic inverters.

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