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  • Can low-power testing be done with just one device?

    With the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the improvement of the design level, the integration degree of the chip and the amount of computing data increases significantly, which leads to a sharp increase in the power consumption of the chip.

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  • How to test the surface resistivity of semiconductor materials

    Many important parameters of electronic devices are closely related to the resistivity and the uniformity of its distribution, such as the reverse saturation current of the diode, the saturation voltage drop of the transistor and the magnification β, etc., which are directly related to the resistivity of silicon single crystal. Therefore, the resistivity test of devices has become an important process in chip processing, and its uniformity control and accurate measurement are directly related to whether power devices with better performance can be manufactured in the future.

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  • Optical module test, have you selected the right power supply?

    With the rapid development of the mobile communication industry, 5G has now become a super hot topic of global attention, compared with 2G, 3G and 4G, the future fiber optic communication industry 5G status should not be underestimated, in the era of 5G network, no matter what kind of 5G bearing solution is inseparable from the 5G communication optical module. Diversified standards of 5G communication optical module is now considered the core technology of the next generation of high-speed rate and high-capacity optical network.

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  • Do you know the technical principle in the thermometer?

    With the recent outbreak of influenza A, all kinds of thermometers have once again become an essential item for home health monitoring. The core component of the electronic thermometer commonly used at present is the temperature sensor. The working principle of the thermal sensor is to use the radiant heat effect to cause the temperature of the detection device to rise after receiving radiant energy, thereby changing the performance of the column and temperature in the sensor. By detecting a change in one of these properties, radiation can be detected. In most cases, when the device receives radiation, it causes a non-electrical physical change, and then changes it into electric quantity through appropriate changes for measurement.

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  • SEMI F47 Test in Semiconductor Industry —How does IT7800 edit the voltage transient drop waveform easily

    Background Semiconductor manufacturers have extremely high requirements on power supply, in particular the wafer related industry with higher requirements on power supply quality. Once voltage transient drop occurs, it will not only cause unexpected damage to sensitive microcomputer automatic control devices but also interrupt the process and cause great losses. To protect sensitive devices from voltage transient drop damage, the SEMI F47 standard stipulates the tolerance level of the semiconductor processing equipment on voltage transient drop, and requires that the semiconductor processing equipment should be immune to voltage transient drop in the AC power grid.

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  • How to use IT2800 Graphical Source Measure Unit to conduct a magnetic resistance test?

    Background In electromagnetism, when the current passes through the conductor perpendicular to the direction of the external magnetic field, there is a potential difference between the two sides of the conductor perpendicular to the magnetic field and current direction.

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