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  • ITECH Battery Simulator for Electric Vehicle Motor Inverter Testing

    In new energy vehicles, the motor and power battery are undoubtedly key components, but there is another key device that is easily overlooked - the inverter. Whether it's in models equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors or three-phase asynchronous motors, the inverter exists as a key component. The reason why the inverter is so important is that the power battery outputs DC power, which must be converted when supplying power to the AC motor.

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  • Can low-power testing be done with just one device?

    With the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the improvement of the design level, the integration degree of the chip and the amount of computing data increases significantly, which leads to a sharp increase in the power consumption of the chip.

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  • how to improve the power generation efficiency of PV systems by utilizing microinverters and power optimizers?

    Solar power systems rely on solar panels to generate electricity, however the inverter is what converts this DC power into usable AC power. The traditional way of generating electricity is to connect the solar panels directly in series, and then connect them to a string inverter, which is connected to the power grid for use by other devices.

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  • Test solutions for avionics field

    There is always a contradiction between the power supply system and the power-using equipment: the power-using equipment requires uninterrupted, transient-free, pure sine-wave AC power supply and pulsation-free, transient-free DC power supply; while the power supply system expects the power-using equipment to be a constant load, which should not result in voltage waveform distortion due to the fluctuation of the load. For ordinary small appliances, even if they stop working under the influence of fluctuations in the power supply system, it will not cause too much damage. However, for public transportation such as airplanes and ships, the stability of the electrical system should not be taken lightly.

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  • Standard Analysis | ISO 21498-2 Electrical Performance Test Method for High Voltage Components of New Energy Vehicles

    With the rapid development of electric vehicles, testing of high-voltage components has become increasingly critical. High-voltage components are the core components of electric vehicle power systems, mainly including battery packs, motor controllers, high-voltage cables, etc. These components are directly involved in the storage, conversion and transmission of electrical energy, and are directly related to the performance, safety and overall reliability of the vehicle. Therefore, the testing of high-voltage components of electric vehicles is particularly important. ISO 21498-2 came into being in this context.

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