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  • Medical Device Measurement - Heart Rate Meter

    Market trend With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, wearable devices have come to you and me with the 5G communications. The world's major consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. have stepped into related fields. Low-power, high-performance electrical products are also constantly introduced, such as glasses, watches, electrical clothes ... and so on. In addition, health care is also using high-tech intelligent health monitoring, the most common methods are heart rate, blood pressure and pace monitoring.

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  • How to Test the Photovoltaic Inverter Using Solar Array Simulator

    In the past few years, due to the large demands of solar energy, photovoltaic industry has embraced high speed development in China. However, it has presented slow increasing after booming at the very beginning with less and less demands. After the ‘5.31 new policy’ has been enforced, it’s urgent to alleviate the influences of decreased demands in a short time. So enterprises should work out how to obtain technology breakthrough or reduce costs. ITECH always devotes to explore test technology in applications of photovoltaic industry. We work with photovoltaic corporations and help them to become stronger, more precise and finally reach up to top level. Lately, ITECH will bring to market new product series, IT6000B/C/D with high performance, high voltage, high power density. You’ll find in this article how they are well applied to the test of photovoltaic inverters.

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  • Governments investment flows to semiconductor industry due to IoT and 5G development

    Lately, the American Foundries Act of 2020 was proposed to the Senate to increase spending in the American semiconductor industry by as much as $25 billion. Not far from today, China also created a $29 billion state-backed fund to invest also in the semiconductor industry.

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