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  • Testing and Aging of Power Supply for Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites ——ITECH Multi-channel Electronic Load IT8700

    At the end of April 2021, China Satellite Network Group Co., Ltd. was officially established and formally participated in the global competition for high-speed Internet access services in space. Looking at the world, the Starlink project launched by Tesla founder Elon Musk, the British company OneWeb and the Amazon Group compete with each other in this field. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 30 companies around the world have announced the deployment of satellite Internet constellations, and they plan to launch more than 100,000 satellites.

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  • Fuel cell testing? Select IT-M3800

    Hydrogen energy, as an important way of efficient and clean production and utilization of electric energy, is steadily advancing in my country, and its application scenarios continue to expand. In the "Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030" issued by the State Council, 11 items involve the field of hydrogen energy, which points out the way in many aspects such as transportation application, technological research and development and innovation. In 2021, hydrogen energy will grow rapidly in the field of commercial vehicles, especially heavy trucks, and more than 1,000 hydrogen energy vehicles will be demonstrated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, basically all of which are passenger vehicles, covering buses and group shuttles.

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  • ITECH Vaccine Freezer Test Solution

    In 2022, Omicron will spread around the world, and the new crown epidemic will enter another round of peaks. Injecting the new crown vaccine is still one of the most powerful means of protection. But vaccine production is not evenly distributed around the world, and many impoverished regions need international assistance to complete the vaccinations. As we all know, vaccines need to be stored in a low temperature environment. How to ensure qualified storage and transportation in remote areas with poor infrastructure, such as African countries, has become an important issue. Vaccine refrigerators are widely used in terminals as a portable and independent storage device.

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  • Zero volt on load multi-channel electronic load IT8700P+ emerges

    Zero-volt load means that the electronic load can output a rated full current at a very low input voltage, and the current can be as high as hundreds of amperes. The electronic load has an unavoidable minimum internal resistance due to the conduction-drain-source internal resistance of the field effect transistor, and requires a certain minimum DC input voltage (UMIN) to enable the load to absorb the full rated current. Below this minimum operating voltage, the load current will decrease linearly. Usually below 3V, the load transistor is in the saturated working range, the current control ability becomes weaker, and the dynamic response becomes worse. The power supply voltage must be greater than the minimum operating voltage of the load, and the voltage drop of wires, relays, connectors, etc. under high current needs to be considered.

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  • Passport for air transportation of lithium batteries--directly hit the UN38.3 test of lithium batteries

    From January 1, 2009, the latest effective version of the "Technical Instructions for the Safe Air Transport of Dangerous Goods" issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has added the UN (United Nations) serial number of dangerous goods, and lithium batteries will be classified as Enter lithium ion batteries (UN 3090 and UN3091) and lithium metal batteries (UN3480 and UN3481). According to this regulation, if lithium batteries do not have a test report or relevant approval certificate based on UN38.3, they cannot be transported by air. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has issued the "Lithium Battery Air Transport Specifications" to airlines and dangerous goods-related transport units to strengthen the transport safety of lithium batteries.

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  • ITECH Helps Create a Smart Brain of Photovoltaic Power Plant - Application Example of IT7900P Series High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

    At present, solar photovoltaic power generation has matured, and the cost has dropped rapidly. In the foreseeable future, the technology and economy of solar photovoltaic power generation will reach a level comparable to that of conventional energy, which will promote the development of energy transformation and transformation. At the same time, with the deep integration of Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies with the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic power stations will develop rapidly in the direction of digitalization, intelligence and informatization, and smart photovoltaic power stations will become the mainstream.

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