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  • Everything can be in the ring

    Q: What is hardware-in-the-loop simulation? Hardware-in-the-Loop, also known as hardware-in-the-loop simulation, is a simulation system that puts part of the system hardware to be tested into the simulation loop.

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  • One article quickly understands the subdivided golden track in green energy -- the test application of energy storage converters

    The demand for energy in countries around the world continues to increase, but due to the unstable nature of renewable energy, solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, and energy storage equipment must be widely installed. This has become an emerging high-tech industry and has been listed by the government as one of the six core strategic industries. In November 2022, the world's largest single-phase energy storage power station supplied by BYD Energy Storage was successfully put into commercial operation on the west coast of the United States, which became hot news in the industry. The independent energy storage power station is provided by BYD Energy Storage, a 1500V grid-level energy storage product BYD Cube T28, with an energy storage capacity of nearly 1.7GWh. Large-scale enterprises continue to join the energy storage track, and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. How to develop energy storage systems to higher voltage levels, larger system scales, and higher safety and stability has become the focus of competition among various companies.

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  • Example of IT6000C bidirectional power supply testing three-level photovoltaic inverter

    Application background: With the continuous development of photovoltaic inverter and UPS technology and the continuous expansion of the market, the requirements for inverter efficiency have been more and more valued by manufacturers, and the three-level topology has emerged as the times require. Compared with the traditional two-level structure, the three-level inverter has the advantages of low voltage stress and loss of power devices, good output waveform quality, and high efficiency. It is a new direction for the development of photovoltaic inverter technology.

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  • IT-M3900 Web control function realizes bidirectional DC-DC module online test case

    It has been three years since the COVID-19 epidemic, and working from home has become the norm for many engineers and scientific research scholars. The software simulation part can be carried out with a computer, but the high-performance test bench cannot be copied home. So when it is necessary to do hardware verification testing, is there a way to expand the connection between engineers and equipment, remotely operate testing equipment, and realize the seamless connection between online and offline work?

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  • Optical module test, have you selected the right power supply?

    With the rapid development of the mobile communication industry, 5G has become a super hot topic in the world. Compared with 2G, 3G, and 4G, the status of 5G in the optical fiber communication industry in the future cannot be underestimated. In the 5G network era, no matter what kind of 5G bearer All solutions are inseparable from 5G communication optical modules. Diversified standard 5G communication optical modules are now considered to be the core technology of the next generation of high-speed and large-capacity optical networks.

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  • IT-M3900C low-voltage high-current power supply case for starter motor test

    A starter motor, also called a starter motor, is a motor used to start a diesel or gasoline engine. The starter motor can effectively reduce the trouble of manpower starting the engine, start more quickly, and can be used repeatedly. It is often used for starting automobile engines, starting generators, and starting large-scale construction machinery.

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